August 29, 2011

Our Adventures in Food

Our Adventures in Food:

I spent part of my day today setting up a new blog with my man. We both love to cook, so we decided to start a food blog. Its not much for now, but hopefully the more food we cook, the more it will expand and grow, if you love food come and join us, share some recipes.

August 27, 2011

Pickles Anyone?

I love pickles. I mean who doesn't? Ok, yes, I know some weird people who either simply don't like the deliciousness of a nice crunchy sour pickle, or they just don't like anything sour at all, and by all I mean they don't like mustard, anything with vinegar, lemons, not even sweet pickles because it has the name pickles in it. I feel sorry for people like that, they just don't realize how many good foods they are missing because they refuse to try anything that could even be slightly sour. There are sweet types, but I am sorry, I just do not like sweet pickles, I have tried them before and they are simply too sweet for my tastes. Sure they might be considered a pickle, but they just aren't something I enjoy eating, I like the sour ones. So for the rest of this post when I mention pickles, I am referring to the sour variety.

Now, a pickle doesn't have to be made from cucumbers, while the majority are made from cucumbers, cauliflower, green beans, and beets also make some very nice pickles.

August 23, 2011

It Doesn't Have to Be Complicated to Be Good

This is a response to the previous blog post by BeyondWittgenstein

I was born and raised mostly in Kentucky, while it might not be the deep South of the country its close enough that we cook like Southerners.

The Laziness of Food

One can always tell if someone is lazy or just a plain bad cook when what they prepare comes out of the freezer section of the supermarket, a can, or is something that would be served to children at a family get-together outdoors like hot dogs or hamburgers. I realize some people never learned to cook and had to fend for themselves or always had someone to do it for them, but such circumstances are no excuse for the pitiful attempts seen on today's tables. Even with all of this "foodie" bullshit running rampant and the annoyance of every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinking he is a connoisseur of all things food related, people still cook crap.

August 22, 2011

I Finally Did It!

After many hours of work and such a simple fix (isnt that how it always seems to happen)the blog now has Facebook comment boxes. You will now be able to comment on the blog posts using your Facebook login, just like you comment on Facebook.

August 18, 2011

Lady Gaga Has Gone Country!

Lady Gaga has come out with a new song, called "You and I", I have posted it below for you to watch.

Well, were you surprised? I sure as hell was. We are used to Lady Gaga's edgy and off the wall music videos, so it's no surprise that once again the content pushes the limits of sanity and weirdness, but what shocks the hell out of me is the fact that the song sounds like something Shania Twain might sing. Lady Gaga has now gone country.

August 17, 2011

Music, Music, and more Music

I have recently started to listen to some different music from what I usually listen to, so I thought I would take some time to share some of it with my readers, perhaps you might enjoy it too. I do understand this music isn't for everyone, it won't hurt you to listen though.

Mayer Hawthorne
His music can only be described as sultry soul with a new twist. He was influenced by such artists as Issac Hayes and Barry White and it shows. Hawthorne's music just makes me want to sit back and relax while at the same time I want to get up and sway my hips to the sound of his voice. You would not expect this music to come out of him but it does which makes it even better.

Some of my Favorite songs of his are


August 10, 2011


When Pandora opened the box and let all the evil and death out into the world, the only thing left in the box was hope.

I keep telling myself things will be better one day. It's so hard thinking things will get better through a haze of tears. Vision is blurry thoughts are clouded, and the amount of snot that you keep blowing into the tissue can be quite a distraction.

August 8, 2011

Freaks and Geeks(A Two Part Blog)

Freak, a person who has something unusual about their appearance or behavior.

Geek, a person who is overly intellectual, peculiar or otherwise unlikable person.

These are the basic definition of the words as most people know them. Why?


Ok, you all knew one or two so called geeks in school. The kid with the dorky clothes or the smart kid in class that everyone made fun of.

Why do people make fun of these people? What because their families didn't have the money to be able to afford the 100 dollar pair of shoes? Could it possibly have been simply that the kids parents thought it more important to save money for college than spend so much on clothes? It could have been for any reason but that's not a good reason to make fun of someone. Just because a person doesn't dress the way everyone else does, shouldn't make them a target for laughter and criticism.

August 7, 2011

Freaks and Geeks(A Two Part Blog)

Freak, a person who has something unusual about their appearance or behavior.

Geek, a person who is overly intellectual, peculiar or otherwise unlikable person.

These are the basic definition of the words as most people know them. Why?


You have the people who are "freaks" as in people who were born different from so called normal people, and then there are the people who are called freaks because they choose to modify their bodies to fit what their self image is in their minds.

August 6, 2011

Lets Talk Religion( or not)

It's a touchy subject, everyone knows this, so you may ask why I would even want to dip a toe into those waters. I am just doing it because I can.

Disclaimer, I might possibly say things that make you mad in this blog, these are simply my thoughts, I am welcome to voice them the same as you.

Well lets just say I like to start shit and what better way than with a discussion about religion.

I am not posting this blog to bash religion, or to push my beliefs on anyone else, I am simply putting what I believe into writing, as well as my reasons for believing this.

First off I am not an atheist, I am agnostic atheist. For those who do not know what an agnostic atheist is, its simplest definition would be- a person who does not believe in any God, but doesn't deny one might exist. In other words I am skeptic. You can go HERE for a detailed explanation.

August 5, 2011

Indian Creek

Indian Creek (located in the Red River Gorge area of Kentucky) was the name of the swimming hole that my family often visited in the summer.

We would pack the cooler full of pops, perishable food items, and ice, sometimes needing to take two coolers. Then we would fill plastic grocery bags with the rest of our food supplies and pack the whole bundle into the back of a truck or in the van. Next it was time to load up the towels, portable army hammock, folding chairs, water toys, sunblock and of course bug spray. After loading the kids

and a couple gallons of fresh spring water

(spring water that we got ourselves from a spring coming out of the side of a mountain) and the adults all situated we were off for a day of fun in the sun.

August 4, 2011

Apparently She Wants More

Ok, we all have to admit that Rebecca Black pretty much ruined her chances of anyone taking her seriously with her YouTube sensation "Friday", that was more a method of torture, which I blogged about HERE. While this second video

I will admit is better than her first ill fated one , her voice no longer has that high pitched nasal whine to it, the lyrics still don't do much for me.

August 1, 2011

My Imaginary World

In my imaginary world, the sky would be purple, clouds would be shades of pink.
The grass would be teal, and the water would sparkle like glitter and make music as it moves over rocks. Trees can whisper and animals can talk. Magic would be real. Fairies would live in flowers, and the woods would be magical.

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