March 23, 2012

I Feel a Little Looney Tunes

Well, I am expecting the top of my head to fly off, eyes to bug out, and smoke to start pouring out of my ears. You may ask why? Well, here's why.

We have all seen a Looney Tune's cartoon where a character eats something hot, someone makes them mad, or they simply do to many things at one time, then their eye will start to twitch, smoke blows out their ears, then the top of their head blows off and you hear a train whistle sound. I have the eye twitches, so the next step is smoke out of the ears, and the top of my head will simply fly off. I am not entirely sure if the whistle will sound or not. I just wish I could remember what made them better. I don't think sticking my head in a barrel of water will help much, and they never stated the length of time needed underwater for it to be therapeutic. I also cannot go on a rampage destroying things like the Tasmanian Devil, Taz, that would hardly be productive since that would just mean I would be stuck with a mess to clean up.

March 21, 2012

Random Ramblings

Oh, lets just see what could possibly be coming up from the depths inside Deathfairy/Heather's mind today.

It's sunny and warm today, and as much as I would like to go outside and work on the garden, I just don't seem to be able to drag up the energy to.
I am back on full doses of all my medications. So basically I am going to be poisoning myself for the next week or so until my body says that it can deal with that amount of poison. I guess it all comes down to making choices. Choice one is go back to being an emotional nutcase stuck on a roller-coaster of monstrous size, and choice two being I get to be an emotional nutcase stuck on a kiddie sized roller-coaster. I think I will choose choice two. That being said I know what the monster size coaster was like and have yet to ride the kiddie sized one.

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