February 28, 2011

Grammar Policing

If you read my blog and find typos, keep them to yourself.

I am 32 years old, if I have not learned proper grammar and punctuation by now, its not likely that I will do so in the near future or just to satisfy your sense of knowitallism.

I like who I am imperfections and all, and my lack of skills in  writing  is a problem I have come to believe is a disorder, lol, as I have been told repeatedly how to  write properly and it never seems to stay inside my head longer than the time it takes to blink. This "disorder"  involves my use of commas, similar sounding words that are spelled different among a few other minor things.

I am by no means a person of low IQ as I learn things very quickly and am quite knowledgeable of useless information. My mind being filled with useless information is in my belief the reason I cannot manage to hold on to things that might actually come in handy.

I failed English from the 5th grade forward yet, somehow managed to get straight A's in English in college. Probably not for my use of punctuation, but rather the content of the essays I wrote.

So if you are one of those types of people who cringes at poor punctuation and possible typos, then I suggest this, go start your own blog, then you can read it over and over again correcting your own grammar. 


  1. I'm one whos anal about correctly spelling words n' such only because family are the first to point it out and poke fun at me. I tend to get into arguments with my cousin with spelling and only because I want to be right. I don't use the word "definitely" because I can never spell it right and it takes too much of my time to right click it and choose the right spelling. Ehh, oh well nobodys perfect and never will be. Ps- you're 32? I would have never guessed that in my widest dreams! You look younger. =) (This is Kortney Thompson, I don't have a "profile" so I have to post as anonymous)

  2. Ok, I put "widest" instead of "wildest". Like I said, nobody's perfect and I'm standing by it! ;)

  3. I'm the grammar police and you know it. LOLZ.

  4. Yes, your the one who suffers from knowitallism.

  5. You say that like it's an affliction or a bad thing. It's really not. I happen to enjoy it.

  6. It's only an affliction that affects me. You might enjoy it, and you also apparently enjoy inflicting it upon me as well.

  7. I do, but I'm just a figment of your imagination, remember?


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