March 1, 2011

Stuck in TV Land.........

I was thinking about what I should write my blog about today while checking on my addiction aka Facebook. The thought occurred to me as it often has that lots of us are stuck in an imaginary world. Whether its our favorite television show or movie, a good book, or a social network.

People sit here everyday immersed in an imaginary world. We read ourselves into a dream world where we are the heroine or hero,we live in a social network where we have tons more friends than we do in real life, or slay the bad guys in an act of righteous rage. The girl gets the guy, everyone lives happily ever after. This might seem harmless at the time, just a way to pass time, until we are forced back into the real world, where we do not have 3,456 friends, the girl is single or in a relationship less than picture perfect, and we do not go around slaying the bad guys for the greater good. Reality has kicked in.

Then we look at our lives and want this image our mind has created for ourselves, we want the guy and the perfect life, to be able to exact our own brand of justice on the bad guys, we now miss the tons of friends of our social network, and how they all claim to care about us. Where did the dream go?

Our perception of reality has now been skewed.....

The disappointment sets in, we didn't get the dream guy, instead we got someone flawed and imperfect, when instead we were hoping for the perfectly built, totally sweet, darkly handsome, man of our skewed reality. We watch television and writhe in our seats that the bad guy gets off on a murder charge and theres not much we can do, beyond hope that justice will be served. Others sit at home, and the phone never rings, none of our 3,456 friends call asking if we want to go out tonight or how we are doing.

Granted some people have a semi perfect life, they have the perfect guy, they exact justice in the court room, they have lots of friends and an active social life, however for most we just stay in our skewed reality, because its so much nicer than the real world.

We grow up expecting the perfect life........and when its less than storybook perfect we feel shorted, feel that we are missing out.

Are you truly missing out, isn't the man who loves you even if you're not perfect, a knight in shining armor, even if his body isn't the body of a god? Isn't having three very good friends, who will be there by your side through thick and thin, better than having tons of friends on your computer screen?

While justice is not always served the way we think it should be, it will be served eventually. At least I can at least hope it will.

So my final thought on this, is you can either live in a fantasy world and be constantly disappointed with reality, or you can make your reality into your fantasy life.

Go out there and make your dream into your life, don't wait for it to all come true, make it come true.

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  1. At least my god has a noodly appendage. RAmen.


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