March 1, 2011

State of Confusion

While updating my blog profile I put my location as (state) Confusion. I then updated my profile, then clicked the link for my new location. Imagine my surprise to find it so populated.

While I was not surprised that I was not the only one who lives in the State of Confusion, I was surprised to find it so crowded. There were over 70 other people who also live in my State of Confusion. I imagine there are lots more out there who also live in this state, who just have not completed the census. You would think with all of the people living in this state that it would be better managed. That somehow we could band together and make some progress towards a common goal. Sadly, that is not to be as we often wonder aimlessly in this state, without any form of management to speak of.

I do not manage my state very well, often times getting lost along its highways and bi ways, often wandering for days in my own mind, randomly sifting though thoughts till something cohesive takes root. Sometimes we need help and support managing our state, keep our spirits up, and help us complete this daunting task with a big smile on our faces.

So find out which of your friends is wondering aimlessly through their own State of Confusion, offer a smile, possibly a lead rope to hold onto once in a while and they might just possibly make it to the State of Happiness and Fulfillment.

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