July 11, 2015

Fifty Shades of Me

So, I love to color my hair. Not your typical out of the box color either. I love bright colors, pinks purples, and blues. Even a red or green thrown in every once in a while. I figure if it makes me happy then why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't anyone? Sure there are jobs that won't allow it. Why the hell don't they? I mean you would think that someone with pink hair might just be more open to new ideas, have a vivid imagination, think outside of the box so to speak. More and more people have different colored hair these days, by different I mean all colors of the rainbow not just the colors people are born with.
My hair has drawn some attention, people often comment that they love it. It seems to be a game at work to see what color my hair will be next week. My favorite was when driving out of a parking lot, this little girl who is pushing a cart towards the cart rack  screamed, "I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!".
I don't do it for other people, but I sure am glad that people sometimes get a kick out of it. I also have a lot of people ask me how I do it, what products do I use, what color is it, etc.
There are several steps to coloring your hair this way. My methods might not be the easiest or the best for everyone, but, here it is.
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