February 28, 2017

April the Giraffe- Giraffe Got Back- Baby Got Back Parody

So I got a little bored waiting for April the Giraffe to have her baby. While sitting there with everyone watching her backside for any signs of an impending birth, I thought to myself, Baby Got Back, so I decided to just type this up quickly so I can see how much I truly cracked during this time.

OMG, Becky, look at her butt
It is so big, she looks like One of these days she'll pop
But, ya know, who understands those egg jokes?
They only watch her, because she looks about to pop, kay?
I mean, look at her butt, its just so big
I can't believe its just so round, its like out there
I mean look
It's ok it's a giraffe

I watch a giraffe's butt and I cannot lie
Those other watcher's can't deny
That when April walks in with that big waist
And that pretty giraffe face
You get hooked, want to pull up a chair and watch
You noticed that tail was up
Look at them spots shes wearing
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh, April, I'm going to sit with you
and take your picture
The media tried to warn me
She's having her baby!!!!!
But now I'm stuck waiting to see

Ohhh look at that contraction
you say you want to push
well do it do it
cause we aint your average groupies

I have seen you prancing
Oliver romancing
Vet! Vet!
Anyone seen the vet

I'm tired of fake live feeds
saying its finally here
Take the average viewer and ask them that
they will tell you she's still big and fat

So Eggers
Is April hatching an egg?
Hell Yeah!!

Tell April to shake it, shake it
shake that baby out
Giraffe got back

I like April round and big
And when I'm watching the vid
I just can't help myself watching these animals
Now here's the scandal
They look all around her home
and comment all day long
I ain't talking about eaglets
Giraffes lay eggs you idiots

I want her to have this baby quickly
So come on April and show the watchers
 we have all become stalkers
By the time this is over we will all be using walkers

So I am looking at giraffe birth videos
just to see how a giraffe birth goes
I not a vet just your average joe
but some talk like they think they know

A word to all the visitors
I am gonna sit with ya
I might take breaks
But I gotta be straight when I say I am going to watch
Till the break of dawn
Baby eventually going to be born
A lot of you don't understand why we watch this long
cause them punks like to sit and then quit it
But I'd rather stay and wait
cause April is long and strong
And I'm down to sit however long

So Watchers
You want to see this baby?
April turn around push it out
Even Non Watchers gonna shout
Finally the babys out!!

February 26, 2017

April the Giraffe - Animal Adventure Park- Youtube Q&A

I tried to screen shot most of the answers given by the park, so if you missed the chat here are some of the more important answers (in my opinion) of the questions asked.  I tried to guess what questions were asked.  The parks responses are either next to a yellow or blue name.  These questions were answered by park staff and giraffe keepers. 
Questions that have been answered but I didn't get screenshots of
Do they get to go outside ?  Yes, weather permitting.
Why is Oliver not in the enclosure with her?  He likes to play rough, not play house.

Important links
Animal Adventure Park
Live YouTube Feed
Animal Adventure Park FB page
ENJOY and  GO #Teamegg

She is not in active labor as of this time 2-26-2017   7 pm EST

Why does she keep lifting her back left leg.

Will the park vets intervene in the delivery

Has her water broke or lost her mucus plug

Will she stop eating if she is in labor?

Will her water break before the delivery or during labor?

Will there be a closer camera angle during the birth?

Is she in labor?

Will they stop the live feed for delivery?

What does April eat?

Will they help her deliver or intervene? 

When does the park post updates?
You can search Animal Adventure Park on Facebook and get updates

Why do the keepers not allow Oliver to be in the enclosure while cleaning it. He's a bull and a little bit more aggressive than April

How often is her enclosure cleaned?

Where do you send the baby giraffe after weaning? or What other parks are part of the breeding program?

When will you start to worry about her not delivering?

Is April really pregnant? When is she due?

Are there windows in the barn to allow air in?

Should we be concerned she has not given birth yet? Is she overdue?

February 10, 2017

Finally Able to Access My Account

I have never had so much trouble with email account access. You would think that I was using my accounts to trade government secrets when all I want to do is post my own crazy thoughts.

So, it appears that you are not allowed to change your phone service and move or you lose access to everything. It doesn't matter that I have the password. It only matters that I never move or change phones. I guess I should be happy that it is difficult to access my blog and emails. Difficult not impossible.

So, after much aggravation and cursing, I am now back to post posts that I am the only one likely to read.
I will en
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