November 14, 2012

Sometimes, I Wish I was a Cat

Sometimes, I wish I was a cat. To have nice little beds and pillows would be great along with the fancy canned food and someone to massage my head and rub my back (I’ll have someone for that next week). Then everything else is sleeping and maybe some running around to play with the many kitty toys (I’m still not sure about the laser pointer, though). I could sit in the sunbeam on the floor and purr when someone I like walked by. Cats don’t worry about anything nor do they care about politics or try to maintain their sanity upon waking up in the morning. They just be cats and do cat things: eat, sleep, shed, meow, purr, etc. When I really think about it, all they expect is food unless they’re mousers. Life would be simpler as a cat, perpetual Zen. But life isn’t simple and I’m not a cat. Oh, well, back to the grindstone.

November 8, 2012

Free Stuff

I have recently become addicted to free stuff. Well I was addicted before now, who isn't, but recently I have started to actively participate in my acquisition of free things. I know I have a few readers who might also like to get their own free stuff so I am posting some links so you can also get started.

It is simple to get free things, however it does take a little effort on your part.  Some are simple forms to fill out, others you may have to like a page on Facebook to get access to the forms. 

Tips on how to avoid getting scammed

While sample giveaways are usually safe to use, there is always a few bad apples.  

Don't give credit card info for any free sample/item. If its truly free they won't ask for more than an email, physical address and phone number

You may be asked to fill out a survey, if you are read the fine print.  Some surveys ask that you fill out applications for credit cards and make a purchase before you get the free item/gift card. DON'T TRUST THESE

Follow your instincts, if you think its bull then it probably is and you shouldn't do it.

Tips on getting free items

Either set up a separate email to use for signing up for free samples, or use your filter system on your email so your email inbox doesn't get filled up in a day. 

Start early and late in the day- check the websites early as the items go fast. Also some items get posted in the evening time so its also a good time to check.  Check as often as you feel like checking the websites. 

Most free samples will be mailed to you, however some may only be available in store.

While "sample sites" are great you can also go to different companies websites and look for free samples on your own, or contact companies asking for free samples. 

Don't give up.  I usually sign up for about 5 free things a day, but thats not the most you can sign up for.  Some days I don't sign up for more than one or two.

Be patient, it takes often 4-10 weeks before you will get some samples.  If you sign up for samples everyday it won't be long before you are getting something almost everyday in the mail.  

Here are a few to get you started.   You can also search "free samples" and find even more sites.

These are the ones I use most.  Most sample sites have the same samples.  However you can go to individual sites to find free samples. 

Procter and Gamble-Free Samples Mailer
Closet of Free Samples
Sample a Day
My Savings
You can request free samples be mailed to you from both Target and Wal-Mart, however you will need to check each day to see if they have samples available, they go quick and are not available everyday.
Wal-Mart Free Samples
 Target Free Samples

If anyone has a free sample site they want to share, please email me Here and I will gladly post it for everyone to see.

Happy Sampling!!!!!!!
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