February 6, 2014

Too Much Stress

I thought that with the new medication I am on that I would be able to tolerate changes in my life, I suppose that theory might have held true if so many changes hadn't happened at once.  I had a minor nervous breakdown, and I basically spent three days drunk, high, or both.  It was just marijuana so don't get so excited over my drug use.  The anxiety meds were prescribed to me and I managed to make three pills last three days.  Sure you aren't supposed to drink with them but as I said I was having a breakdown. 

I won't go into details, lets just say that starting a new job, having relationship problems and possibly not having a place to live just about did me in, not to mention this all happened two days after my birthday and only four days into my new job.  The therapist called it the perfect storm of stress.  Simply too much at once and I simply folded inward.  I kept my job, which in the past I might not have been able too, and the other problems sorta fixed themselves, but I am still not certain as to how it will all end up. 

My doctor upped my medication, but other than that was not much help.  I just wish that I would not be faced with so much stress at once.  It is hard enough for me to deal with day to day life, but add all the other stressful situations into the mix and it makes me want to just check myself into the looney bin.  Hey, they serve bacon nearly everyday, lol. 
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