July 11, 2015

Fifty Shades of Me

So, I love to color my hair. Not your typical out of the box color either. I love bright colors, pinks purples, and blues. Even a red or green thrown in every once in a while. I figure if it makes me happy then why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't anyone? Sure there are jobs that won't allow it. Why the hell don't they? I mean you would think that someone with pink hair might just be more open to new ideas, have a vivid imagination, think outside of the box so to speak. More and more people have different colored hair these days, by different I mean all colors of the rainbow not just the colors people are born with.
My hair has drawn some attention, people often comment that they love it. It seems to be a game at work to see what color my hair will be next week. My favorite was when driving out of a parking lot, this little girl who is pushing a cart towards the cart rack  screamed, "I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!".
I don't do it for other people, but I sure am glad that people sometimes get a kick out of it. I also have a lot of people ask me how I do it, what products do I use, what color is it, etc.
There are several steps to coloring your hair this way. My methods might not be the easiest or the best for everyone, but, here it is.

Ok, first if you have dark hair, wherever you want color will need to be lightened, the lighter your hair the brighter the color will be. There are a couple of ways you can put color into your hair, highlights, streaks, tips, or all over color.

The following is a list of products I use no matter what method (streaks, tips,etc) I am going to do.

1. Tish and Snookys Manic Panic , $10-20/ Sally's Beauty Supply, Internet, Hot Topic, and New Age Stores (N-Rage Color Works about the same, but I prefer Manic Panic)
2: Gloves, a good sturdy pair of latex or nitrel
3: Conditioner (I use Dove Intensive Treatment and Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioner)
4: A towel you no longer care what color it is
5: Bleach Cleaner (Soft Scrub is my favorite) To clean your bathroom, lol. Mine tends to look like a murder scene except in blue and purple.
6: A friend or an extra mirror, getting the back colored if you do all over can be tricky.
Now you need to decide what color/s and style you want.
For highlights I recommend using Clairol Frost and Tip: $10 at most stores
Tips,streaks, and all over color, I recommend Clairol Born Blonde $10 at most stores
Before you get started you need to condition your hair for about a week before hand. The night before you plan to do this I would put conditioner on your dry hair and leave overnight, then wash and dry. You will need a couple of hours to do the whole thing from start to finish unless you blow dry your hair in between lightening and coloring. I know, by now you are thinking, just tell me how already. Well, lol, this is art and art takes time.
Here are the steps to lighten your hair for each style. Any where you want color should be lightened, the lighter your hair is the better the color will show.
After you lighten your hair it needs to be dry before applying the color/s of your choice.
HIGHLIGHTS :(Frost and Tip  by Clairol)Follow the directions on the package, except do not remove the cap after lightening, simply wash your hair, let dry and apply the color of your choice, let the color sit for at least half hour, then you can remove the cap and rinse the color out. I wash and condition. You might want to keep the gloves on while washing and rinsing. Sure you might look silly with that cap on, but it keeps the color off the rest of your hair.
TIPS: (Born Blonde  by Clairol) Follow the instructions on the package for mixing the product, wearing gloves, you can do tips one of two ways.
For natural looking tips, flip your head up side down and apply the product to the tips an even length up the hair all along the tips, it doesn't have to be perfect. Just take a little bit of the product, and just grab the tips of your hair while it's upside down gently pull product towards end of hair, make sure it is well covered towards the ends, less so at the start. When you flip your head up the tips will be lightened at different lengths, making it random and more blended with the rest of your hair color.
For straight across tips (you may need a friend to help with the back) just apply product straight across hair tips. You can use aluminum foil to wrap your tips to help them lighten faster, which means less time the product is frying your hair.
STREAKS: (Born Blonde by Clairol) Using strips of aluminum foil, take small sections of hair and lay the foil underneath and then apply the product, fold the foil over the hair making sure that it's covered with foil, this prevents the product getting on hair you don't want lightened as well as help it lighten. After putting as many streaks as you wish, wrap hair in plastic wrap to let the heat from your head to penetrate the foil. Do Not Apply Heat,this could fry your hair. I do mean fry. After the first 15 minutes check your hair every five to ten minutes to check see how light it is. DO NOT LEAVE ON LONGER THAN THE PACKAGE SUGGESTS
Wash and dry before coloring.
ALL OVER COLOR: (Born Blonde with Clairol)
Simply follow the instructions on product. Wash and let dry before applying color.
Now in my opinion there is no wrong or right way, so I will just give you some tips.
Remember that when you mix colors, well pink and blue make purple. Blonde hair and blue color will fade into green as it washes out over time,so keep that in mind.
If you use multiple colors, pick colors that are close on the color wheel, you can find a color wheel online.
Use gloves and don't wear clothes that you don't want color to get on, because it will lol.
I like to start from the top and work my way down my hair, pink at the top and blue at the bottom which meets in the middle to make purple.
Last and final tip, have fun, be creative, and live life like you mean it.

I hope this helps and actually made sense, lol.

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