November 12, 2015

Cheap Makeup Organizer

So, I love having my makeup collection organized, but I hate spending a lot of money on anything, not that I'm not willing to pay more for something if it will actually save me money in the long run.

Example : It's not really a bargain if you buy something that costs less, yet you end up using twice or even three times as much just to get the same effect as the name brand. When it comes to what holds my makeup it doesn't need to be a 50 dollar makeup organizer made of acrylic plastic. I have used tackleboxes, like this one at Amazon,

I'm not suggesting that exact one or endorsing that seller or brand.  I would like to point out the price. For that price you get a three tray makeup organizer. A style like this has enough space for quite a bit of makeup, with room on the bottom for a hair brush, and maybe even a small curling iron. I kept all of my makeup in one for years.

However I currently use a simple clear plastic arts and crafts box.
Now, here exactly is what I fit into it. 
21 powder and cream eyeshadows, 3 liquid/glitter eyeshadows, 1 BB Cream, 1 dark circle eraser, 4 brushes, tweezers, eyelash curler, makeup sharpener, 3 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses, 2 mascara, glitter eyeliner, 3 black eyeliner, 1 brown eyeliner , and 1 purple eyeliner.

I paid ten dollars for the craft box.  My makeup doesn't need a pretty case to sit in, it simply needs to be organized, portable and easily accessible. Maybe if my makeup was being applied at a marble topped vanity I might display it in a 50 dollar acrylic organizer. Wait no I wouldn't, lol. Who am I kidding it would never be a marble vanity, that just isn't my style. 

When it comes to organizing your makeup literally think outside the box, think tackle box, craft box, or even a 99 cent plastic kids pencil box, don't limit yourself to products that say makeup in the title, whatever  item you put your makeup in becomes your makeup kit. 

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