December 14, 2015

A New Year, A New Beginning

So, another year has come and gone, well, almost. I'm looking forward to what the new year will bring.

I recently started seeing someone, someone who is not my usual type, my usual type being tall, skinny and sometimes goofy looking.

He is slowly learning to deal with my mood swings. In other words he is learning that one week I might not be able to stand being around him and the next I will be all over him.  I think that's my borderline personality disorder rearing it's sometimes ugly head.

That is the difficult part of having a mental disorder, or in my case several, you sometimes can't tell if it's your mental disorders taking over or if it's your actual feelings coming through.

Do I really like them, do I really despise them? Do I just go with the flow and see if he can really take my mood swings in stride?  I mean how many times do you suffer a broken heart before you say enough is enough and just resign yourself to being alone for the rest of your life and start collecting sex toys to keep you satisfied.

Well, sex toys don't snuggle. I guess that just means I will have to see where this goes. So what if he isn't 6 ft tall. I enjoy his company and find myself wanting to be around him when he's not around. I miss him when he's not with me.

I will just have to see where the new year takes me, and us.

Hope everyone has a great new year, make it better than the last year and you can't go wrong.

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