February 28, 2011

Facebook Addiction?

I am not addicted to Facebook.....

Ok so we all know thats not true, just about 5 Million people are in some form or another.
My mother claims she is not addicted to the game Bejeweled Blitz.....Ha Ha, tell me a new one Mom.
My mother, while  watching one of her favorite shows on television, jumps up as soon as a commercial comes on  practically runs for the bedroom, saying I wonder if I can get a game in before the show comes back on.

Ok, so maybe your not addicted to Facebook like a person  addicted to drugs. Maybe you don't need an hourly fix to make yourself feel good again. However,  when you feel you have to check to see what people are posting, go running for the computer when ever there's a commercial, or in between checking the food your cooking on the stove, you have to ask yourself, could I be an addict?

Don't worry, if you don't check your wall for new posts every hour they will not disappear. The games do not implode if you do not play them for a day. The worst that might happen is someone will have a higher score, a bigger farm, or better pets.

So step back and ask yourself the question, am I a Facebook Addict?

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