August 18, 2011

Lady Gaga Has Gone Country!

Lady Gaga has come out with a new song, called "You and I", I have posted it below for you to watch.

Well, were you surprised? I sure as hell was. We are used to Lady Gaga's edgy and off the wall music videos, so it's no surprise that once again the content pushes the limits of sanity and weirdness, but what shocks the hell out of me is the fact that the song sounds like something Shania Twain might sing. Lady Gaga has now gone country.

This video is what I would expect a Shania Twain video to look like if Lady Gaga had creative control of it. However it seems like someone instead injected a country serum into Lady Gaga while she was asleep and upon waking Lady Gaga said to herself," For my next video, I think the theme should be barn dance meets freak show, and for the song, I am going all out Shania Twain on that shit".

I wonder if she simply got tired of making the same style of music or if she is simply just trying to reach a bigger fan base, as if the one she has isn't big enough already.

I mean seriously isn't it bad enough that all country music is starting to sound like rock/pop music? Is it too much to ask that pop music continues to sound like pop music? Is country the music industries new "chicken"? Country music now sounds like everything else, so eventually everything will sound country?

I do not know if I should feel sorry for Country music or not. I mean Lady Gaga is a talented singer, her music videos do have an edge to them, but is Country music ready for Lady Gaga?  Are we ready for Lady Gaga to go Country? 

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  1. BeyondWittgensteinAugust 18, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    This will either make her or break her. She'll either be cast out and going too far or she will be praised for being able to transcend the music genre. I still have no idea what that video was about, but the song probably didn't need the strangeness or the twang. Some of her videos just ruin the songs. Edge of Glory for instance, was a great song, but the video did nothing for it. I thing Nick Pitera did a much better job on his cover video.


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