August 22, 2011

I Finally Did It!

After many hours of work and such a simple fix (isnt that how it always seems to happen)the blog now has Facebook comment boxes. You will now be able to comment on the blog posts using your Facebook login, just like you comment on Facebook.

This change also now means if someone replies you will be notified  through your Facebook notifications. If someone posts a new reply to the same post you will not be notified, however if you have liked this page you will see it in your feed on Facebook, but you will only be notified of replies to your post. So post away people. For those not wanting to use Facebook it should also allow you to sign in using Google and Yahoo.

For those not wanting to use any of these options I will leave the old comment system up as well, this allows you to post as Anonymous or simply with a name (I think). Well I hope everyone enjoys the changes being made to the blog. Thanks for reading and don't forget to look at the new option at the top of the page for more things to read, watch and listen to. You never know they might just make you laugh.

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