August 5, 2011

Indian Creek

Indian Creek (located in the Red River Gorge area of Kentucky) was the name of the swimming hole that my family often visited in the summer.

We would pack the cooler full of pops, perishable food items, and ice, sometimes needing to take two coolers. Then we would fill plastic grocery bags with the rest of our food supplies and pack the whole bundle into the back of a truck or in the van. Next it was time to load up the towels, portable army hammock, folding chairs, water toys, sunblock and of course bug spray. After loading the kids

and a couple gallons of fresh spring water

(spring water that we got ourselves from a spring coming out of the side of a mountain) and the adults all situated we were off for a day of fun in the sun.

Sometimes on the way out the mile and half dirt road the dogs would chase us so we would end up having to bring a couple of them along as well, sometimes we brought a couple of the more behaved ones along just because. I am not talking lap dogs, we had 7 big dogs about the size of labs.

It was always great when we took the route that would take us through Nada Tunnel

The kids (me included) would sit in the back of the truck as we drove through hooting and hollering at the tops of lungs to hear it echo of the wall of what was once a railroad track through the middle of a mountain.

Once to Indian Creek, we would all hop out and start to the water, at which point we would be called back by the adults to help unload the cars. We would have to walk down a hill past the giant rock we all jumped off of, across a shallow part of the creek to the rock strewn beach on the other side of the river. We would all lay down our burdens and look to the water with longing, I say longing because we all knew what was next, if we hadnt brought charcoal it was now time for the children to go to the woods and bring back fuel for the camp fire. Sometimes we were lucky and a previous group would leave a pile of it behind.

Once everything was set up and the fire going then the kids were given the go ahead to go and play in the river. Our first stop was usually the big rock back across the river.

We would all go back up the hill to reach the top of the rock, perch on the edge

Sometimes together

Sometimes all alone, and prepare to jump into the cold water.

After the initial shock of the cold water it was time for the floats. An inflated tire intertube was always great fun!

Of course when that was full of either kids or sometimes the adults there was always the standard blue float, which we would lazily float downriver on.

Sometimes not so lazily,

Of course there were always the water fights, where we would try to sink the other "ships".

Once we all got tuckered out from swimming another summer pastime was taken up. Old water jugs with a section cut out, or a bucket was our cage. An old metal lid from a jar, or the bottom of a pop can was our cooker. The hunt for crawdads was on!!!!

All the kids would slowly walk through the water in search of crawdads, making it a contest to see who could catch the biggest ones.

Crawdads sometimes reaching up to 5 inches long are basically fresh water shrimp and are delicious.

After the hunt which usually went on while the adults were cooking burgers, lunch would be served and with full bellies it was the kids turns to cook. We would gather our make shift buckets with crawdads in them, and gather round the fire, and taking our little make shift cooking pans with a little water in the bottom, we would steam our crawdads alive (yeah I know, they even kind make a hissing sound) till they turned a bright pink. After eating our catch we would take the hollowed out heads and place them on our fingers and wear them as little crawdad fingernails. It was gruesome looking with their black beady eyes and antennae staring back at us, but it was fun.

After eating it was usually time to skip rocks while our meal settled. Once again turning into a game to see who could skip it all the way across and in the fewest skips, or the most skips. Watching the water ripple as the rocks skimmed across. Time was also spent walking along the river looking for pretty rocks, often seeing snakes or other wildlife.

Once we had warmed up again and were pretty much dry we knew it was time to head back into the water again, having to repeat the whole process of going across river and climbing the hill to get to the rock to jump back into the cold water.

Once the day was done, sometimes not till later in the evening, we would sometimes eat left overs from lunch and then head home, or grab some fried chicken from the grocery store on the way.

Kids and gear all stowed away in the back of the truck, us kids all tuckered out from playing and swimming all day, we would often fall asleep wrapped in our towels in the back of the truck.

I loved the summer days spent at Indian Creek. I think all kids and adults need days like that.

Just plain ole good fun with not a care in the world.

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  1. Looks like lots of fun and great times, reminds me of growing up in MI..miss those


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