August 4, 2011

Apparently She Wants More

Ok, we all have to admit that Rebecca Black pretty much ruined her chances of anyone taking her seriously with her YouTube sensation "Friday", that was more a method of torture, which I blogged about HERE. While this second video

I will admit is better than her first ill fated one , her voice no longer has that high pitched nasal whine to it, the lyrics still don't do much for me.

To me it seems like she is saying, "can we please forget all about that really crappy video and song I took part in and let this one be my break out vid?"

Sorry, Rebecca, but when you put out a song as bad as "Friday" you will always be known as that girl who sang one of the worst songs in history. People still remember Rosanne singing the national anthem, so don't think for a minute you're getting off the hook that easy.

However, this new video almost has the same music as her previous one, which only makes us think of that awful first video while watching this new one. So she missed the mark there. Secondly, she should have come up with a song totally not related to her last horror show, instead of making a video telling everyone to basically go to hell for making fun of her, which also reminds us all over again of that horrible video.

Rebecca Black could have been a huge music star (well possibly, and she still might) except she made the huge mistake of putting that first video on the internet, and sadly to say in my opinion this new video might be mistake number two.

Sure some people love it, some people think its catchy, some people also like to eat maggoty cheese, or leeches, but you don't see those becoming a popular after school snack anytime soon do ya?

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