August 1, 2011

My Imaginary World

In my imaginary world, the sky would be purple, clouds would be shades of pink.
The grass would be teal, and the water would sparkle like glitter and make music as it moves over rocks. Trees can whisper and animals can talk. Magic would be real. Fairies would live in flowers, and the woods would be magical.

This is my world, it's not so imaginary after all. I look at a sunset where the sky is purple and the clouds are shades of pinks

and I am happy. I look at the water and see how it sparkles in the sun, and as it moves over rocks I listen to the music it makes. I hear the wind in the trees and I listen to them whisper. I look at animals and I can tell they are talking and sometimes I can almost know what they are saying. Magic is real if you only know where to look and open your mind to the magic that is the life force in everything around you. Fairies do live in flowers if only you use your imagination you would see them too. The woods are magical, if you only you would stop and be quiet long enough to watch it come alive, you also would be a witness to the magic within. Rocks hum, leaves laugh, trees whisper, birds chatter, squirrels frolic, and spiders build grand castles of silk. I see and feel the magic.

Moss beds come alive, plants tell you secrets if you know what to look for. Frogs and toads sing grand complex symphonies at night. Woodpeckers laugh at jokes only they hear. Whip-poor-wills sing love songs to the night. Owls fly on silent wings, asking, "Who cooks for you?"

Sparrows alight on tree branches and tell you there secrets in tiny little voices. They are always so excited. Bluejays ask questions you can't answer.

Flowers tell their own stories, not with words but beautiful pictures made with color and scent that drift on gentle breezes.

The clouds paint beautiful pictures that are constantly changing and moving, works of moving art, as the wind sings through the tree branches.

This is my world, my not so imaginary world. It's simply what I see whenever I look at the world, I wish more people saw it this way, and not always in such a rush to destroy the magic that surrounds us all, if only we take the time to look and listen.

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