July 22, 2011

I Shouldn't Be Allowed To

I shouldn't be allowed to talk at work.

I work at a pizza place, mostly making pizza, but every once in a while I am required to work up front as well.

I am usually a smart ass or say things that come out wrong when I say them, tonight was no exception.

My day started at three pm with me working in the back making pizza's, but they needed my help up front. I was running a register when a police officer came in. I knew they got free drinks, but I had never rung one up so did not know precisely how it was done. Here's the point where I stuck my foot in my mouth. I look straight at the cop and said "I have never done a police officer before." I kinda sputtered to the other girl "I meant how do you ring up a police drink", but by this point I am blushing profusely and trying to hide my face.

Ok, so here goes round two. I am finally back in the back in my comfort zone, or at least it used to be my comfort zone. Needless to say I was back in the kitchen pretty much by myself the whole day and it was getting into the dinner time rush. I was getting pretty frazzled by this point, trying to take phone orders, make pizza and also box it up for pick up. The phone seemed to be ringing every time I turned around, and I was thinking to myself, that I had now slipped into the ninth circle of hell at this point. So the phone rings, and while the normal line on answering is "Thanks for calling such and such this is Heather would you like to hear our specials." I started to answer it "Thanks for calling the ninth circle of hell would you like to hear our specials, I got out "Thanks for calling the ni..." realized what I was about to say and had to control my laughter, while apologizing and trying to say what I was supposed to.

So that was my day, I had to constantly keep my mind on what I was saying, there was no telling what might come out if I wasn't paying attention.

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  1. This brought tears out and i can't believe i didn't wake anyone from laughing so hard. You are The Best in My Book!! Keep up the good work!lmbo.I said we was alike.. and this is why i can't work. I always do that w/my words.Of coarse that's a small part but getting back to you... You Have made my night! Tks, Mikie


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