May 6, 2012

The Escape Artist

I am not sure whether or not the baby snapping turtle escaped or was eaten today.  However, I do find it mildly amusing that I was watching Diner's, Drive In's, and Dives on Food Network today and they were making Snapping Turtle Soup at some place in Pennsylvania.  I remember looking at the turtle being cooked and saying, "Hey, that looks just like our little snapper."

Maybe the turtle heard my mental thoughts about its "brother" being made into a yummy (so they said on the show) soup.  I am guessing the little turtle heard these mental thoughts and finally said, "To hell with this shit, I am out"  and somehow managed to climb out of the container it was being held in and escaped into the back yard and a hopefully nearby pond.

I will not think of the poor turtle being eaten by some bird on fly by. I will simply think of this strong turtle climbing to freedom and living in some nearby pond.  Good luck little turtle. Have a good life.  I know you can make it to be a strong big turtle, who I hope remembers me if we are ever mucking through the same sludge at some future time and not bite my toes off.

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