March 4, 2011

No One Forced You to Read it.....

I guess people have nothing better to do...

I find it odd that people say I complain to much on my Facebook feed, umm you can remove me you know, also it is MY FACEBOOK, but instead, I try to be nice to all those people, and I start this blog as a place to get stuff off of my chest, and to give people the option to either read or not. So what do these people do, they come here and decide to talk shit. LOL. Do they seriously not have anything better to do. Then to top it all off they hide behind fake names.

Well its all peace and quiet now, they no longer have to see what I type. I am hoping since I have made it to where only about 15 people can see all of my posts that the fake friends will eventually find someone else to be fake towards and simply delete me.
It's not like I forced them to be my fake friend in the first place. This is the last I will talk about this.

To those who actually enjoy being my friend, thanks for being there. To anyone else who would like to continue being my friend I guess you will stick around after people start drifting away.


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