September 9, 2011

Trash Talking and Drama

After pouring over the statistics for my blog it has come to my attention that the posts that talk shit about something or someone get more page views than other posts. This proves one thing, people like drama. Whether they like to admit it or not, you all like drama. Sure you might not like it in your own life but you sure as heck don't mind reading about it in other peoples lives.

Sorry to be disappointing, but I try to refrain from repeating drama, I really do. I don't always manage and I some times get dragged into the drama, and I sometimes even create it, even if I have the best intentions not to.

Now there are those points when I come across information or something kinda odd, and I tend to post my thoughts on it, and the ensuing discussion can become quite heated. I feel that's good as well. It's better to get some kind of reaction that no reaction at all. If people are reacting then that means they are at least feeling something.

Sometimes I create this so called drama by simply not being able to shut my mouth. I speak my mind and it usually takes some amount of self control, which oftentimes I lack, to keep my mouth shut once someone pisses me off. This mouth of mine has gotten me in trouble and I am sure it wont be the last time it has either.

In a family full of gossipers it has pretty much been drilled into me by my own mother that if you hear a juicy tidbit about someone else in the family then it must be told to every other member of the family, except of course who its about.

I know so many things that I have heard, not only from my family but others which I try to keep to myself, until such time of course when someone else goes,"did you hear such and such?" It's at this point that my brain tells me its now free of all self control and I am free to gossip away about what I did in fact "hear about such and such."

I could write a book with all of the things I hear about just in my family. I am sure just like everyone else's family it's like living in a soap opera and you only have to wake up to find out whats going to happen next.

Seeing as I don't post many trash talking posts, or drama induced rantings on my blog, it seems that its not that interesting a read most days. Well, I could post more trash talking posts, but what good does that do? Sure it makes for better reading, but does it enrich your life or mine? Maybe, maybe not, only time will tell.

I now want to invite my readers to let it out. Post something dramatic in the comments below, you don't have to use the persons name, or make it scathingly naughty, just something random you heard tossed about around the water cooler at work, while riding the bus, or even overheard at the grocery store.

Lets get it all of our chests.

What topics do you want me to write about, give me some ideas. I don't mind doing some research, if there is something you would like to discuss here on the blog. If you want to submit something and have me post it for discussion, send me an email, I will be more than happy to pass it along.

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