May 11, 2012

I Planted Dirt Today

 I planted dirt today. Yep, that's exactly what I did. I scraped away some dirt, took some other dirt and dumped it in, then I smoothed the other dirt back over. I patted it down and then watered it.

Go ahead and laugh, call me crazy, call me whatever will make you feel better. I am not crazy.  Okay, so I have this mood disorder along with some agoraphobia with social anxiety.  I sometimes hear things that others do not.  This has nothing to do with me planting dirt today.

My planting dirt has everything to do with the fact that about 6 weeks ago I planted a bunch of seeds in a patch of dirt out front. Most of it never grew. This is mostly due to the fact that during the last 6 weeks the tree in the front yard decided to bloom vigorously and now completely shades the patch of dirt where the seeds were planted. 

My idea was maybe if I just dug up this seed impregnated dirt and "replanted" it in a sunnier location that it might actually sprout some of those flowers I had previously planted.

So, I took my garden tools and raked the dirt up. I gathered my dirt in a bowl and took it to the back yard area.  I picked my location, pushed some dirt aside and spread my seed laden dirt around.  I then proceeded to cover it with more dirt and watered it.

I guess we shall just had to see what my dirt will grow into. I can't really loose.

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