June 28, 2012

My Recent Speed Vacation

I recently went on vacation to Virginia Beach with my brother. It never was originally intended to be a long vacation. It was meant to be a day or two max vacation.  Well, we left Kentucky on Monday at about 4:30 pm. We traveled through the West Virginia Appalachians

Of course these are pictures taken on the way back as it was night when we went through the first time. 

Aren't the mountains beautiful?

We finally reached the Chesapeake Bay at about 3 am.  After traveling though an underwater tunnel

and reaching Virginia Beach at about 3:45 we got a hotel room which was pretty much across the road from the beach.
 My brother slept, but I was to wound up to sleep yet.

At about 5:30 am I walked across the street to take pictures of the beach at sunrise.  After taking my pictures I went back to the hotel room and slept, after eating the continental breakfast being offered in the hotel lobby.  The pic to the right is the beachfront walk at about 5:30 am. 
The wind was blowing so hard that
it was hitting my legs like a sandblaster. You can see the sand being blown by the wind in the pic to the left.
I Love the clouds shown in the picture. 

I just love these turtles, one of many art sculptures along the Boardwalk.

 The beach and beach front hotels at sunrise.
Just the start of the sunrise. I ran out of battery power, or so I thought, so I went back to the room. Turns out I had hit a button that made the LCD screen go off, lol, sorry I hadn't gotten any sleep in almost 20 hours

My brother woke up at 8:30 which woke me up. So we made a trek across to the beach to view the Atlantic Ocean.  After taking some pictures and being wiped out by a wave, we decided to take a walk along the beach and then back to the hotel taking the street route.  After taking a small break we walked back to the beach to take more photos of buildings and the ocean.  After getting back to the hotel we checked out and proceeded to make our way back to Kentucky. 
We started on the trek around Atlantic Avenue to take pictures and see the sites. This was taken across from the hotel where we stayed. 
 Apparently no cursing is allowed among other things. Its posted all over. 

 I thought these were pretty views of the beach and a rocky outcrop.
Ocean romping time. I didn't mean to swim, just wade in the ocean a bit. Maybe get a little damp. 
 The wave behind me snuck up and was a little bit bigger than expected and I got wiped out as you can see below.  This pic was taken after I started to come back up for air. I was laughing and saying "OH,SHIT" Then I remembered you are not supposed to curse. LOL.
Me falling on my ass and a pic of a Random woman running along. 

Swordfish Palm Trees. 

This was a beautiful painting on the side of a building that faced the beach. 

 I didn't actually kiss this fish. I mean you never know where those lips have been.

I wonder why they put random patches of grass on sidewalks there?

I thought this was beautiful, there are tropical fish swimming as well alongside the turtles. 

This was awesome looking.
 I forgot to walk to take a picture of this. We saw it coming in and I didn't remember till we were leaving and this was taken from the car. 

Just another cool looking building.

I thought this was a grand looking building.
After checking out of the hotel  we started to make our way back to Kentucky. 
The following pictures are of the Chesapeake Bay and the tunnel entrance to go under it. 
 The Chesapeake Bay to the LEFT
The underwater tunnel to your RIGHT, well the entrance to it.
Inside the tunnel. 

This was a picture I took at a scenic view stop in Virginia. Just a random elderly man taking a break. 

 To the right, well, they are the Appalachian Mountains.
So are these, the Appalachian Mountains. 

After the mountains its pretty much just a drive to get home. I live near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. 
The entire trip there and back took about 30 hours. It was a speed vacation from Lexington Kentucky to Virginia Beach and back.  I enjoyed it, and only wish we could have spent more time there. 

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