October 13, 2011

How To Add "Robin Moses, Nail Art Link" To Your Blog

For all of you Robin Moses fans with blogs of your own who would like to help Robin spread the word, here is how you can help.

The following steps are to make this  show up on your blog. Click the picture and see what happens.  Cool huh, now to add this to your blog follow the steps below.

STEP ONE:                                                        
First of all you need to go to your Design Page of your blog. It will look like this. This page can be reached by clicking Design under your blog dashboard.
Select Add a Gadget, which will then take you to this page. (That is what is in blue) We will be adding a new gadget, its very simple.

Select HTML/Javascript (select it by clicking the blue plus sign), it will then show up as the picture below.If you add a title to this such as Click Me, it will show up above the picture on the page.

 copy and paste the following code into the Content section and save. It should now show up on your blog as a clickable link. You can now move this clickable link to where ever you want by simply moving it around on your design page.
<a href=" "><img border="0" src="" /></a>

For Robin, or others who wish to put the code on their blog so that people can copy and take this clickable image to their own blog, simply copy and paste the code below the same way as directed above (this is simply an alternate STEP FOUR).  You can change the words Copy The Code to what ever you like. 
<center>Copy The Code</center><center><img style="border: 0px none ;" alt="RobinMoses" src="" title="LINK TOOLTIP TITLE" width="XX" height="XX" /></center>
<center><textarea id="code-source" rows="3" cols="15" name="code-source"><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></textarea></center>
Once pasted like the one above it will look like this 
See the code, people will be able to copy the code from the box, and once pasted on their own sites will look like the pic above it, and be a clickable link. So lets spread the word. 

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