October 19, 2011

Halloween: Makeup, Nails, and More

I love Halloween, it  happens to be one of my favorite holidays, and not just because of the candy. I love the makeup and seeing all the costumes people can come up with. Halloween used to be so great, with people decorating their yards with  miniature graveyards, cobwebs, spooky ghosts, and zombies rising out of the ground.
Now it seems more and more people do not even bother. They simply throw up some orange or purple string lights and put a couple pumpkins out front. Today you are lucky to see a carved pumpkin.

The next best thing to a creepy yard are the creepy ghouls and goblins you see walking the street on Halloween. Below are some videos that will hopefully inspire you to be the best ghoul you can be, or fairy princess.

I am seem to be drawn to special effects make up videos, as well as nail art videos. Over the past months quite a few have caught my eye and I thought I would share them with you for the Halloween season.

If you are looking for Halloween themed nails to simply wear to a party, work, or everyday, Robin Moses YouTube channel is the best place to look for all your nail needs. Shown in the photos below are some of her Halloween and Fall themed nails.
She was even nice enough recently to put them all in one spot for you all to enjoy,
Halloween Themed Nails By Robin Moses

On Robin's YouTube channel you will find tons of video tutorials for every occasion, but right now she is real  busy rolling out the ones for Halloween. 
Now if you happen to be looking for nail special effects, like ripped nails (really creepy looking by the way) or zombie nails that look like you just clawed your way out of the dirt, the videos below might be what you are looking for. 

funmusings YouTube Channel also has  some other great tutorials on Halloween make up and special effects.

Whether you are going as a zombie or other scary and sometimes not so scary ghoul, make up can be key.
I have seen so many videos that show great techniques and also some that I considered a waste of time, because A: They didn't actually show you how to do it or B: They simply didn't do that good of a job doing it in the first place. However I have come across some great ones while browsing. Below are some of my favorites.
There are tons of videos out there on makeup and special effects for Halloween, I am merely listing a few of the better ones I have found. They might not be what you are looking for, they are merely a place to get started. Good luck and enjoy!!
If you want to make bones come through your skin, the video below is a good tutorial.

Pertilude also has some very good tutorials on special effects.

For the more pretty and glam Halloween looks then MissChievous is your gal to go to. I love her tutorials.

If you are looking for more whimsical face art then lisayoung is great. She also has some that are on the darker side yet still manage to be cute.

For some great painted on masks with embellishments  goldstarling is a good choice. She also has some of the creepy full face makeup tutorials as well.

LetzMakeup has some very cool yet simple makeup tutorials.

Now all you have to do is go out find a costume, that is if you haven't already. Well I hope this gets you started this Halloween, or if it's too late this year, maybe this will give you a head start next year.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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