October 13, 2011

The Queen of Nail Art: Robin Moses

Robin Moses, is, the unofficial and probably even the official "Queen of Nail Art."
Robin Moses, states on her YouTube videos that she has twenty some odd years of experience doing nails, if you can even call what she does simply doing nails. As seen here in her "Team Edward" nails. 

A friend on Facebook posted one of her videos and I have been a fan ever since. I do not paint nails, other than the occasional french manicure I give myself, I simply love watching her paint amazing masterpieces on such a small canvas like her clients nails.
Each time Robin picks up a brush it turns into a work of art, whether its a simple french manicure with flowers
or one of her more elaborate pieces of nail art, such as the ones she did here for "Nightmare Before Christmas."
Robins Blog can be found here.
Facebook Fan Page
and the best of all are her videos showing you how, which can be found here
If you love painting your nails, or simply love watching miniature works of art take form like me, her videos are worth taking a look at.

Halloween is coming up and Robin has tons of tutorials on different Halloween nails on her YouTube. She has something for everyone, from classy to scary, from hot to cute, Robin has it all. Take a look, you will be just as amazed as I was at how much talent she has.

I couldn't resist posting these as my nickname is DeathFairy, and these are "Dead Faeries"

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