September 5, 2011

Twitter and Facebook, Controlling Your Minds

So, I finally broke down and signed up for Twitter. The first thing I discovered is how limited it is when it comes to posting "Tweets". 140 characters or less, seriously, like I could ever say whats on my mind in 140 characters or less. I am lucky if I can say "Hi", or "Bye" in 140 characters of less, none the less formulate a single thought in that few letters. My conclusion is that they don't really want you to "Tweet" anything really worth "Tweeting", but merely the most mundane thought that crossed your mind in the last five seconds. They don't really want to know "What's happening", unless of course I might happen to be monosyllabic. I keep finding myself having to shorten even my shortest thoughts, at which point they are not really what I was wanting to say, but a hacked up, shortened version of it that really makes no sense anymore. Facebook, is a little better but not much more so.

Facebook statuses allow you to post, "What's on your mind", in 500 characters or less. Most of the time I manage to eek a status out that fits this criteria, but not often, and I find myself continuing my thought in a comment. Have we truly become people who live their lives by how many characters they are allowed to post in?

We are being limited by social networks, we are being encouraged into condensing our thoughts. Why must I limit what's on my mind in this way. Why ask me whats going on, or whats on my mind if you don't expect me to say it, or if you are going to limit me to a set number of characters.
Sure, it's all about giving others merely a peak into what's on your mind, or what is occupying your time, but for some people that's not enough, we like to express ourselves, and it often takes more than 140 or 500 characters to do so.

I guess that's why I write a blog, well a couple of them actually. This is one of my blogs, the other is solely dedicated to food. I guess you could say I have my mind and stomach covered. I like to feed both and hope I help others to do the same thing.

I will continue to Tweet and post Facebook statuses, and I will most likely just blog my most serious thoughts, as this is the only place I can do so while using as many characters as I want. Up until this point this thought took 2,211 characters to get off my chest. Facebook nor Twitter could have done it justice.

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