April 28, 2015

I Would Love to Meet You

I would love to get to know my readers better, so I am inviting you to share your stories, experiences, or simply just a little about yourself. Feel free to email me at and share as much or little with me as you want. I may share your story with my readers if that's okay with you, feel free to include or leave out your name, or simply say do not share.  I am trying to get an idea of who my readers are. Please feel free to ask or tell me anything, I am a good listener and sometimes even give good advice when asked for it. I would love to hear from my readers, share photos (no totally nude shots, please), art work, poems, short stories, etc. Do you have hobbies? What books do you like to read, what music do you listen to? Are there any topic you would be interested in? What do you like about my blog?
I would really like to interact more with the people who read my tiny little blog, which is really just my version of therapy, lol.
I hope to hear from all the other imaginary people out there. Thanks for reading.
Simply Heather (Aka DeathFairy)

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