February 9, 2013

My Photoshop and Tribal Art

It might not be what some consider tribal in the true sense of the word, but, that's what I call them for lack of a better description.  I doodle, I love to draw and do anything "artsy".

 I also designed this blog. I can't take credit for the art, but I did put it together to make up what is my blog design. Using Photoshop CS4 and altering the code, I did indeed put it together. 

The following are some of my doodles as well as some of the things I have done in Photoshop CS4

This is my fantasy Eeyore, I used an online photo and doctored it a little with some Photoshop brushes and gradients.

I call this one Earth Egg, made with several layers in Photoshop, I can't quite remember the process, but I still have the PSD file to go back to. I might tweak this one some, at a later date.  

(Left)  A not fully finished project, I call it Zipped Earth.

Below are some of the tags I made when I was in an online gaming community called xXxtremegamers.  My screen name was DeathFairy, and I made quite a few for my fellow members as well as some for co-clan members called the REDNECKs.
 photo DeathFairycopy-2.jpg  photo qweenbee.jpg  photo Alavelga-1.jpg  photo conxx2.jpg  photo DEADREBinprogresscopycopy.jpg  photo stanley.jpg  photo Deathcomes4u.jpg  photo foxdivercopy.jpg
Here are some of my doodles,

 Those are some of my faves.

I can't wait to get a new computer so I can start working with Photoshop again.  I also think I might start to draw again, we shall see how my hand and wrist hold up.

I just felt like sharing. 

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