February 4, 2013

Music To Sooth Me From Korea

Music should do something to you.  You should feel it, as well as hear it. Feel it in your soul.  At least that's what music does to me.  I use it to control my moods.  

I am in a very agitated state today.  I went from washing dishes to manically searching out music and information on the internet.   When I am like this, searching for info and music are about the only things that will keep me from screaming. 
It hasn't been a totally fruitless search.  I learned that in East Asia they have two different ways of measuring age. I learned more about Korea today.  I do not know why I am obsessed with Korea, well, South Korea, seeing as North Korea is kinda against the world at the moment. 

Where was I?
Oh, yes, I was typing about music.  I found a new favorite song.  Yes, it's by a Korean group, ha ha, yes, I am obsessed.  I have actually been aware of the group Clazziquai or Clazziquai Project (DJ Clazzi, Alex, Horan are the main members) for about a year now, but this is a song that I just recently found on YouTube while browsing.  

This song is amazing!!!!

Some of my other faves by them are,

There are a lot of Korean groups that I can't wait to hear more from, especially in English, although I am also perfectly happy with listening to it in Korean or Japanese.  Some of the ones I will be watching to see if they make it stateside are,
I  can't stop listening to this song, lol, round five while typing.  Now, I just want to get up and dance. It's so hard to type when you have your eyes closed swaying to the music, luckily I can actually type without looking.  Ok, round 6 of listening to this song,  I really must move on, or I will never stop listening to it.
This song is actually in Japanese.  Which is interesting because from what I have read the Japanese are really not to happy with the whole Hallyu movement and have actually had riots and protests against several Korean stars.
However, JKS ( Jang Keun Suk)  is actually really popular in Japan.  Of course he is completely hot, and an amazing singer, so who wouldn't like him.  I really recommend you watch You're Beautiful (American/ English Title), I have also seen it translated as He's Beautiful and She's Beautiful as well. Great soundtrack, I have both CD's (giggle). 
Which brings the next group I am going to be watching which is CN BLUE. One of the cast members of You're Beautiful, Jung Yong Hwa, is the lead guitarist and singer, as well as his co star from Heartstrings, Kang Min Hyuk, who plays the drums on the drama as well as for their band. 

Oh, we need more diversity in our music in America, please send us some, would ya Korea?  Hurry up  and make it to America, thanks.  

I am so relaxed right now, thanks Korea and above artists for helping me keep at least part of my sanity. I feel like I am melting into a world of cotton balls and floating on a cloud of bliss.  For someone like me who has a severe mood disorder, which I unfortunately have to be on medications to control the worst aspects of, being relaxed is a state I can't reach through simple relaxation techniques.  To be stuck in your own body wanting to scream because you simply can't stop the way your mind is reacting to reality is very scary, and to be allowed to escape my reality  into a world of music and sound is something you cannot imagine how grateful I am for.  Today is one of those rough days, thanks for making it bearable. 

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