October 3, 2011

Now You See It, Now You Don't

 I have been reading the comments on a page for a fallen officer on Facebook. What I have seen so far disgusts me. I made a simple comment on a post, it is as follows. (the post was about the death penalty and whether or not Canada should bring it back)
As you can see it took less than ten minutes for my comment to be removed. 
and now its gone.
 What was so wrong about my comment? Why is this even being discussed on a supposed memorial page. I do not know who runs this page and I do not care, but if you are going to bring up a topic, you should let people discuss it without censorship. Unless of course there is name calling, rude, or racist comments, which I do not think mine was. Other comments are also being deleted, some rude, some merely telling the admin their thoughts, which apparently did not sit well with the admin. They are as follows.

The numbers on this page (the likes) has been steadily falling over the last two months, since I found this page because it was posted on a friends wall. It started out with over 20,000 followers, and four days ago was at 

Then it went to 

And then just two hours ago it was this 

Wow, in the last five minutes it went down to this. 

What is going on with this page? It should be a place to remember a fallen officer. 
And just since I have been typing this the numbers went down again. 

And last but not least the admins response to all these comments is....
Final page like count as I finish up this blog post is (and still falling I might add) 

I also wonder why the admin is  using a memorial page for their own personal agenda. Call it a community page all you like, when you say "Rest in Peace," it's a memorial page.  They claim its a community page, to me it seems like they are using the name of a fallen officer to get more people on the page. You would also think that if so many people (over 2200) were upset at the way the page was run and so many people were leaving it because of the admin that they might take into consideration some peoples comments. No, rather than listen to what people have to say they simply delete you and your comment off the page. Its a one person show and they want to be the star, not the police officer that lost his life, may he rest in peace. Who ever the admin is  should be ashamed of themselves.

Seeing as besides the one comment that I posted pics of above, I have never posted on this page before and my comment was not rude like some others comments were, and mine was deleted while theirs were not, what does the admin have against me? Do they know me?

This is what a memorial page should be,, talking about downed officers and keeping their killers in jail, and remembering all the good that officers have done to protect you and your country, not using it for your own purposes.

And I am sure if you go to the page your self you will see comments deleted left and right and people dropping from the page like flies.
Current page count and still falling

With the posts being made on this page, I would not want these children to see how this person has disrespected their fathers name. 
If you want fair, then turn the page into what it should be. A page about a fallen officer and his family. 

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