July 13, 2011

How I Came by the Name DeathFairy

Well its really simple, and it also has nothing to do with suicide or anything that morbid.

I enjoy playing online first person shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. I got into online gaming because an ex of mine liked to play them, and I would watch him play. I liked playing console games, such as Final Fantasy and many others, but had never played with people online. I found the whole thing interesting. I mean you go online play games and actually can talk to other people, either through the ingame chat onscreen or on VOIP( Voice Over IP, or to the less tech savy, you could talk to them with the use of a mic and headphone setup). One night he asked if I wanted to try. Sure, why the hell not, if you cant beat them join them right?

So I started playing. I played and I played, before long I had made some friends. I joined their squad ( a group of people online during a game that can talk on mic to each other to better kick the other teams asses), a group I might mention at first thought I was a boy. They soon learned different. They were in a clan called the REDNECKS ( a group of people who wear a certain name in front of their screen names to distinguish they are a group that plays together). They soon asked me to join their group. At the time I had the online name of aknarfheather, dont ask. I then became REDNECK aknarfheather.

Long story short, my group joined an even bigger group with the tags( a name for a shortened clan name) -=xXx=- or otherwise known as extreme gamers. At this point I was quite tired of the whole aknarfheather name, so decided it was a good time to switch up. I like fairies, and as I would be killing people in game, I decided to go with DeathFairy. Ok, so my whole name wouldnt fit as a screen name while playing COD4, so this got shortened to REDNECK FAIRY.

HA HA HA, can you imagine what the guys playing who didnt know I was a girl thought about that name.

Your a REDNECK Fag, you're not a girl. Blah blah blah.

I guess the guys couldnt take it that a girl was pwning them in a mostly male dominated game. Well believe me us girls kick ass.

We have well developed mouse clicking fingers because guys spend so much time playing games we sometimes have to use it for more than clicking a mouse, well at least a different type of mouse.

At one point I was in the top 300 in the world for a sniper riffle.

I was still learning how to play, I got quite good, though and my stats went up. Then I found COD4. I got good at that and most times came out at least in the top three on the servers I went on. I miss gaming. My computer wont handle it now. My gaming rig broke, I need to upgrade this one. Oh, well at least this way DeathFairy is not prowling the servers looking for new victims.

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