March 15, 2011

Swallowed By Darkness

I am being swallowed by the darkness again.

It's pretty bad this time, I just want to lay in bed and never face reality again. I think thats why the darkness comes, because even the darkness is brighter than my reality. I hate these times, but yet I embrace them, because I feel numb and at least the darkness blocks out everything else. Sometimes I look for the light that I know is shining somewhere in this black nothing. I wonder if one day I just will simply just quit searching and let the darkness stay and consume me. Sometimes I hope for it, long for it, wish for it.

Whispers in the dark, left only to wonder if they are my own
telling me to stay, they comfort me while in darkness I lay
shadows of me echoing in the void of my heart saying just one more day
tiny threads holding onto a light that once brightly shown
nothing but a hole is left, leaving me alone and bereft
tiny fragments of what I once was slipping through my soul now broken,
its only with hope that I will be awoken.

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