July 22, 2011

I Shouldn't Be Allowed To

I shouldn't be allowed to talk at work.

I work at a pizza place, mostly making pizza, but every once in a while I am required to work up front as well.

I am usually a smart ass or say things that come out wrong when I say them, tonight was no exception.

My day started at three pm with me working in the back making pizza's, but they needed my help up front. I was running a register when a police officer came in. I knew they got free drinks, but I had never rung one up so did not know precisely how it was done. Here's the point where I stuck my foot in my mouth. I look straight at the cop and said "I have never done a police officer before." I kinda sputtered to the other girl "I meant how do you ring up a police drink", but by this point I am blushing profusely and trying to hide my face.

July 18, 2011

I Wish I Could

I wish I could make my mind stop for just ten seconds out of the day when I am awake.

Just ten seconds. I talk so much because I have so much going on in my head. I sometimes find myself counting random objects just to make it stop sorting information. Yes, I know its a little OCD.

There is just so much information in my head, and I also cant seem to stop gathering information, about anything, about nothing. I read shampoo bottles, I read billboards, I look at license plates while driving. I am always looking at something and processing everything I see. I cant even write this blog without thinking about ten other things while I do it. I have already written it three times and erased half of it. My mind just wanders to another train of thought.

July 13, 2011

How I Came by the Name DeathFairy

Well its really simple, and it also has nothing to do with suicide or anything that morbid.

I enjoy playing online first person shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. I got into online gaming because an ex of mine liked to play them, and I would watch him play. I liked playing console games, such as Final Fantasy and many others, but had never played with people online. I found the whole thing interesting. I mean you go online play games and actually can talk to other people, either through the ingame chat onscreen or on VOIP( Voice Over IP, or to the less tech savy, you could talk to them with the use of a mic and headphone setup). One night he asked if I wanted to try. Sure, why the hell not, if you cant beat them join them right?

I Remember When

I remember when I used to spend hours as a child tucked into a corner of the living room with a dog curled at my feet reading a book. Soft classical music played in the background. It was warm outside, and sunlight made dancing patterns on the windows as it shown through the trees. Late nights on the weekends spent reading with a nice gentle breeze blowing through the window. No sounds of cars or busy streets. No electricity, no television, I loved it. Raised by my eccentric grandmother in the middle of the woods in a cabin. Kerosene lamps for light, A whole forest all to myself to roam and explore. Nothing but me, my dogs and

July 12, 2011

To My Little Fairy Angel.

I see in her my Angel, the one I love,
Sent to me from up above;
To watch me, to hold me when I’m sad,
To touch me, and to laugh with me when I’m glad.

July 11, 2011


All I want is to be kissed
and when I am not there to know I am missed
Soft lips pressed against my forehead
a warm body next to me in bed

July 3, 2011

Just Me

I sit alone and wonder,
is the laughter I hear aimed at me
or is just the sound of people having fun
Is it normal to feel so alone
surrounded by so many people

July 2, 2011

The Great Pepperoni Uprising: A Very Very Short Story

This is just something wacked I thought of today while on a smoke break. So its only a whole 6 minutes of thought put into this. You may think I am crazy but I hope it puts a smile on someones face, it did mine.

The Great Pepperoni Uprising of 2011

The pepperoni staged an uprising today at work, of course I was able to finally take control back from the evil pepperonis, however due to the nature of the crimes committed by the pepperonis and the other toppings I was forced to sacrifice them to the pizza gods as punishment. The method of sacrifice was a trip to the oven.

July 1, 2011

Little Smiles

I smile a lot, not all the time. Some people ask me why. I don't need a reason to smile. It might be some random amusing thought going through my head, something might just strike me funny. Actually a lot of things strike me as funny. My mind is constantly going, its why I talk so much, I even talk to myself, and here lately the pepperoni and other toppings for the pizzas I make.

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