I Did It, OK?

Yes, this blog is MY fault. 
I have Bi Polar I, and this blog is my way of dealing with my disorder.  I post anything from music, random thoughts, personal issues with my Bi Polar, and just about anything in between.  I use this blog to help keep my grasp on reality from slipping too far, as well as a way to express myself.  
I (DeathFairy) have done most of the work on the  design aspect of the blog, using multiple materials gathered from many different sources. I made all of the art images in Photoshop CS4, gathering brushes from many different places (and as most brushes are claimed by multiple people as their own I did not list credits).I am also the main blog author.

Thank you for reading, any questions or comments may be left below or emailed to DEATHFAIRY HERE
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