July 20, 2017

People Are Offended By EVERYTHING

I truly thought I had seen people be offended by everything. However, while scrolling through Facebook today I come across a video of a dessert on Food Network. Its of a Brownie Bombe, bomb with an E.

A gentleman makes a comment about how he is offended by it, and I have to admit, it gets funny after that.
Then the fun begins. 

Full Video and Post HERE.

I mean it's getting a little ridiculous. If they banished everything that everyone was ever offended by, or made upset about, well, let's just say we might as blow up the planet right now. People need to lighten up, laugh about things a little more, and just stop getting so mad over everything.

It's a dessert. It's not even penis shaped. It's a Brownie. Sure, the guy in the video is wearing camouflage.  That doesn't automatically make it about the troops. I thought camouflage was all the rage now?

Although on the other hand, people being offended over the little things does make for a laugh once in a while.

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